Welcome to Radio’s Revenge - a tip of the hat to times gone by and the Golden Age of Radio.

Be thrilled by the sounds of our original Old-Time Radio homage - “I Smell a Mystery”.  Or perhaps rediscover vintage shows from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s recreated before your very.... ears.

Any vintage broadcasts used as source material for recreations on Radio’s Revenge are carefully researched and believed to be in the Public Domain.  If you hold the copyright to any source material, please contact us as soon as possible at contactpeterchurch@gmail.com.  

On receipt of written confirmation the shows will be removed.

Now it’s time to exercise the hindsight of your mind’s eye.  No video screens to help you here.  It’s time to take back your brain with RADIO’S REVENGE!mailto:contactpeterchurch@gmail.com?subject=ATTN:%20Radio's%20Revenge!shapeimage_2_link_0